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    Go almost anywhere knowing help is just a press of a button away should you need assistance. What it does Works using the full Telstra mobile network. When help is needed, the user presses the SOS button for 2 seconds. The device will text and sequentially call up to 5 emergency contacts. 000 can be a number that is called. Whoever answers first is the one that the user can speak with in a 2-way conversation. The emergency text messages include a link to Google Maps showing the user’s GPS location. The unit stops the sequence of calls when the wearer clicks the SOS button. The mobile personal alert weighs the same as three 20¢ coins. It’s waterproof and comfortable to wear with the lanyard provided or on your favourite chain. Includes automatic fall detection. Never get lost If any of the contacts need to find the user, they need only need to send a text to the Mobile Alarm. They'll then receive a reply text with a link to its location on Google maps. Anyone knowing the number can call the Mobile Alarm and the device will automatically answer in speakerphone mode. The phone icon button on the side of the unit allows the user to call one of the contacts directly with a 2 sec push of the button. Main Features
    • Wear it with confidence. Just press a button when you need help.
    • Works wherever there is mobile coverage.
    • Automatically answers calls in speakerphone mode.
    • Program up to 5 emergency phone numbers (landline or mobile).
    • 2-way voice communication. High quality, clear, easy to hear audio.
    • Call 1 pre-set number directly.
    • Meets all Australian standards of compliance.
    • Pendant weighs only 35 grams & is 60mm x 44mm x 16 thick.
    • Activating the SIM card and programming your emergency contacts is included in the cost.
    • Free delivery Australia wide.
    • Fall detection. Calls 5 numbers if fall detected.
    • Geo fence function available. Perfect for wanderers.
    • Can call 000.
    • Waterproof. Wear it in the shower.
  • Docking station for mobile alarm. Includes power adapter and USB cable. Many people like to have a docking station in different rooms which can make it super convenient to charge. Some people like to keep a docking/charging station at their holiday home or a place they often visit.
  • Black or white safety lanyard for your Live Life mobile alarm. Easily adjust the length by unclipping the two black gates on the side of the lanyard. The lanyard breaks away if it gets hooked on something which is designed to prevent injury from snagging.
  • Owens alarm
  • $20 Swap fee from carrier to carrier.
  • Belgium Postage
  • Sleek, robust, high quality and adjustable wrist band which provides plenty of options for how to wear your Mobile Alarm. It's very easy to place the mobile alarm into and out of the wrist band.
  • Urgent fee for expedited setup.
  • Details
  • Extra USB cable for Live Life mobile alarm.
  • Details
  • Telstra Sim Card. $45 per year. Unlimited emergency voice calls and texts.* *Fair use policy applies.