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3G Mobile Network Closure June 2024.

Telstra 3G mobile network will stop working in mid-2024
For most of Live Life Alarms customers there is no action required. However, if you have a 3G device (most often supplied before mid 2020) then you’ll need to upgrade to a 4G device before then. You’ve probably seen a few emails from us already that encourage you to consider an upgrade. Over the next couple of years we’ll make sure all 3G Live Life Alarms customers understand that their 3G alarm won’t work forever and that an upgrade might be a smart idea.

Which Live Life Alarm do I have? 3G or 4G?
If you purchased your Live Life Alarm in 2019 or before then most likely you have a 3G model. We have prepared the image below so you can be sure which model you have.
3G Closure graphic 2

What will happen if I don’t upgrade before June 2024?
Your current 3G model Live Life Alarm will continue to operate until Telstra disconnect 3G in mid-2024. Consider upgrading to the latest model before then. In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to do a Monthly Health Check on your Live Life Alarm to make sure it’s working normally.

Will my Live Life Alarm still be able to call 000 if I don’t upgrade before the 3G network closes?

I don’t like buying things on line. How can I upgrade my Live Life Alarm another way?
Just call us on 1800936774 Option 1 and let us know you’d like to upgrade to the 4G model Live Life Alarm. We can work out an upgrade for you quickly over the phone. If you are an NDIS participant then ask your Plan Manager to get in touch with us. If you have a Home Care Package ask your Case Manager to organise an upgrade on your behalf.

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