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How it works step by step

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Simple to get started and use every day.

The LiveLife 4GX Mobile Alarm is easy to use. We do all the set up so its ready to go out of the box. It comes with an attractive, adjustable safety lanyard, belt clip and sleek adjustable wristband allowing you to wear it the way that’s most comfortable for you. You can even wear it on your favourite necklace or chain!


Easy to update contacts and change features

You can change any of your emergency contacts at any time. You can turn on or off features like fall detection warnings or low battery warnings. Full illustrated instructions are included.


Instructions included with alarm:
quick install guide for personal medical alarm systemQuick install guide.
mobile personal alarm pendant system lanyardAttractive, adjustable safety lanyard.
personal alarm pendant watch elderlySleek, adjustable & robust wristband.
top-up-icon$50 VISA referral gift card.