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About LiveLife Alarms

In the beginning
Live Life Alarms began as a project between two like minded people, who saw a need for better personal alarms for Australian seniors. These days we have our own incoming call, fulfillment, shipping and customer service centre based out of Toronto in beautiful Lake Macquarie, NSW. Our staff are super friendly, caring, well trained and are all advocates for seniors and people with disabilities.

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Affordable, family and friends alarms
It’s our belief that medical and personal alarms should be affordable and accessible to every senior in Australia. From experience we know many seniors are on tight budgets and cannot afford the monthly fees of monitored alarm systems. That’s why our product is a one-off purchase and isn’t tied to expensive monitoring contracts.

Phil Mathieson
Phil Mathieson spent 17 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Air Force Officer-Navigator, serving mostly as a front-line Tactical Search & Rescue Co-ordinator on P3 Orions with 10 Squadron. Phil gained practical experience in Global Positioning Systems and rescue systems, both in the military and civilian applications.

Phil has received many awards including the prestigious Rockwell navigation accuracy award. Phil’s deep understanding of satellite navigation systems is reflected in the development of the U-blox 8 GPS chip currently installed in the 4GX Live Life Mobile Alarm. Phil’s technical experience includes GPS user equipment and applications, GPS control segments, GPS tracking applications, commercial planning and GPS mission planning and performance assessment. Phil lives in Lake Macquarie, NSW and is married with two delightful kids, a dog and four chickens.

Pete Morris
Pete Morris has 20 years experience in communication architecture and interface design. Pete has designed many interfaces for software and web based applications both in Australia and the US. A winner of international design awards for interface design and usability, Pete strives to improve LiveLife’s products to make them easier to use and tailored to seniors and their family members.

Pete likes to be hands on so personally designs all of LiveLife’s instruction manuals with the goal of making our alarms the easiest personal alarms to install and use. He focuses on making the technology as user friendly and straight forward as possible. He works with the product engineers to make improvements to the features of our alarms based on customer feedback and research.

Sales Department

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Fulfillment Department

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Customer Support Department

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Renewals Department

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