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Thank you so much!!! My mother has really become excited about this alarm as a way to stay more independent by not risking a fall without back-up. It has also meant she has talked to a couple of neighbours about helping her whereas, previously, she was quite isolated. From being confronted by the idea of an alarm suggesting she is frail, she is now seeing it as a way to prove she is strong and has organised her life with support in case things go wrong. Really brilliant. Cheers, Anna Larkin
Anna Larkin, Briagolong, VIC

LiveLive Alarms. You are an amazing company and you should be so proud of your alarms and your staff. I have to say you are the best company I have ever purchased a product from. Your customer service is outstanding and so are your personal alarms. The best thing I have ever bought my mum is this alarm from you. It has not only helped her maintain her independence but given her a feeling of security and confidence. It has also given me peace of mind knowing that her alarm will contact me if she needs help. This alarm has been our greatest blessing. Thank you so much 😃

Cath Body, Hornsby, NSW

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Incredible feature you may not be aware of. I cared for my Mum for the last 2 years…last March, when I was in hospital, my family and her dr organised a LiveLife mobile pendant for her and the latest (and greatest lol) Telstra portable landline phone specifically designed for hearing aid users. Mum’s hearing had been bad for years, even with the strongest hearing aid available to her. The new phone was even weaker than the one it replaced. Absolutely useless for her. The only time she could ever have a conversation was on my iPhone on loudest volume and speaker. No other make of mobile worked for her. It wasn’t great, but at least she was able to have a conversation – as long as the caller was prepared to repeat themselves many many times! Then one day she accidentally called me on my mobile from her LiveLife alarm. We had a normal conversation – one that the majority of us take for granted. I thought about this until I got back home. I called her and she could respond, even with dementia affecting her thinking, and talk, SHE HAD NO TROUBLE HEARING ME!!!!!!! Unless you are in there situation we were you may not appreciate the relief this meant – to both of us. Mum could hear quite clearly on a device  for the first time in years!!!
Now, as a carer I wish I had been aware of this earlier. It would have given me total peace of mind – if I got caught up I could just call and let her know. That in itself was a weight lifted. So many times I would get home and she would be in tears or just about to cry, wondering where I was. Even with me telling her repeatedly and leaving a note stuck where she could easily see it, she would forget and think I should have been home hours ago. Now she simply called me.
Now, as a salesperson, I was always looking to point out any favourable benefits to my potential customers.
I am sure there must be many people who have the same difficulties we had and would be pleased to purchase your product.

Christine Fyvie , Newcastle, NSW
My husband is in the early stages of Alzheimers. He continues to enjoy riding his bike and I used to get very worried as he would sometimes have difficulty finding his way home. Getting him a Live Life mobile alert was the best thing we have done as now I can readily find out quickly where he is. He recently went out cycling and was gone for some time so I called him on his alert pendant. Not only could I talk with him but the Mobile Alert sent me an automatic return text showing his exact location on Google Maps. This has given me so much confidence now and allows him to continue doing what he loves.
Elaine Richardson, Ocean Reef, WA

I would like to thank you for my Live Life SOS alarm that you sent me. While I have only had it a few days, yesterday I fell into the bathtub and could not move. Then I remembered my SOS alarm and pushed the button and the ambulance arrived and got me out of the bath. I had no idea how to get out of the bath until I remembered my SOS alarm button. Thank you very much for saving me. Regards, Kerrie Ellis

Kerrie Ellis, Rosewood, QLD
Since I’ve had my mobile alarm, I feel really safe because I don’t have to have my husband or friends come with me when I go out by myself. It’s taken a little while to get used to this feeling of freedom & Independence. I also feel safe at home if I don’t want to go out. My husband / carer has also gained some independence. He doesn’t feel like he has to stay with me just in case I either fall or hurt myself & with suffering from many conditions, it’s been hard on him because he felt like he had to be around me all the time. For both of us, having the pendant has opened many opportunities. It has really opened up our lives.
Peter & Fiona, Armidale, NSW

What a miracle! It’s only been a few days but the Live Life alarm pendant has given Barry his confidence back. I went to his place to let him know that his pendant battery was getting low and he wasn’t there! I used the GPS mode and easily tracked him down. Barry went down to his lawn bowls club to have a practice game. He never does that. In his words, “what a little ripper!” Thanks so very much.  With kind regards Candi.

Candy Fisher, East Maitland, NSW
This product is absolutely amazing my grandfather loved it while he was here he had a life out of home.
Tianna Whalen, Batemans Bay, NSW
Hi there Pete, just a quick courtesy note. Received unit yesterday afternoon at 14:15. Had a good read of supplied literature. Today we delivered, set unit up for 101 year old mother-in-law. Went over what unit was capable of doing with her, had lunch, came home then had much loved, centenarian give us a test run. Pleased to report “ We are all relieved that help is just a push of button away”. All OK.
Regards Doug
Doug Richards, Auburn, NSW
My 91-year old mother fell in the garden, fortunately on the lawn. When her mobile alarm went off, I called her on the device and she said she was OK but couldn’t get up. It took me 10 minutes to get there. By that time, the sprinklers had come on and she was soaked. We had a laugh about this however it could easily have turned out very badly.
Cheers, Brett.
Brett Budd, Churchlands. WA
Thanks Pete – all working well so far – one question “they are all mobile numbers is that o.k.?” Delivery was amazing – 3 days thanks so much for your help – I have a feeling you’ll get more orders from Esperance. Regards Jess
Jess Braid, Esperance. WA
Letting you know that my neighbour had the connection that we needed, and I have the system up and running on Friday night.

Thank you so much for your help. Mum actually put the necklace on Friday night, and has had it on the whole time over the weekend when at home – I am very impressed. We even gave it a trial run. All the best, Sharon.

Sharon Leddick, Camberwell, VIC
“Yes we tested the medical alarm and it is working fine. We are greatly impressed.”
Catherine Wade, Mooroolbark, VIC
“Thank you for your prompt service and Mum and I are very happy with the alarm and pendants, it is exactly what we needed”
Dorothy Hey, Helensburgh, NSW
“Not long ago my parent felt sick and used the help button on the pendant. A family member was able to attend to them at their house. Fortunately they were ok in the end. The alert worked when we really needed it.”
Steve Camatta, Athlestone, SA
“I bought the alarm for my mother-in-law as a gift. When we gave it to her, she loved it so much she took myself and my wife out to lunch to say thank you.”
Ron Hayden, Kilsysth, VIC
“Guys just wanted to say we received the mobile alarm yesterday and it works exactly like advertised. We should have told the neighbours we were going to test it because they all came running but at least we know it works!”
Sharon Steel, Adamstown, NSW
“The new mobile alarm is working perfectly, we have tested it to make sure. I now just hope that I will not have to use it in an emergency!”
Dennis Lack, Logan City, QLD
“Mum has really taken to the alarm Pete. She has a habit of not answering the home phone so just being able to call her on the pendant has been great. She does seem to be more confident going out now too. It’s amazing what they think of, we’re really impressed. Thanks for everything.”
Amanda Buran, Lane Cove, NSW
“Dad is really happy with his mobile alert so thanks. He likes to show it off and seems to be getting out more too. I love that I can call the pendant and talk to him when he’s out and about. It’s quite brilliant isn’t it?”
Jenny Bromfield, Croa, NSW

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