Thank you so much!!! My mother has really become excited about this alarm as a way to stay more independent by not risking a fall without back-up. It has also meant she has talked to a couple of neighbours about helping her whereas, previously, she was quite isolated. From being confronted by the idea of an alarm suggesting she is frail, she is now seeing it as a way to prove she is strong and has organised her life with support in case things go wrong. Really brilliant. Cheers, Anna Larkin

Anna Larkin, Briagolong, VIC.

Your product arrived yesterday at my friends place(fantastic delivery time). Today he has assisted Mum in setting up and testing the unit to Mum’s satisfaction. So we’ve put it through its paces and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. We are hoping that this will give the family peace of mind that we are doing the best we can to maintain Mum living at home with us both(son’s) in different States. Once again thankyou for your assistance. Addendum to my original review above: 4 days after Mum wearing the alarm she had an episode and operated the SOS button. I was on another call and received the text message `Help me’ so, I ended the call and immediately rang the alarm pendant directly. I spoke to her through the speaker, she was incoherent so I advised her I would ring 000 and the Ambulance was on its way. After answering the questions of the Ambulance Operator who dispatched Paramedics he rang the pendant to reassure Mum and spoke with her & the Paramedics on site. All was good & Mum is now recovering. If you are reading this, you are considering buying for a loved one. Do it. Regards Col

Col Catterall, Google Review. 15 September 2021. Sydney, NSW.

new 4g live life alarm personal emergency system

live life alarms personal emergency pendant smart voice teardroplive life 4G mobile personal alert contacts 6 peoplemobile medical alarm for seniors that calls six contactslive life alarms swiss designed gps

I had a fall and could not get up (I have damaged shoulders and Osteoarthritis – so no leverage) but was able to call my default contact (neighbour) who was able to let herself in and when we had no luck me getting up, she used her mobile to call a “non-urgent” ambulance. They attended quite promptly and used the ‘air stool’ to lift me up from the floor…..great invention!!!


Rozlyn Eyre, Email. 15th July 2021

We bought a LiveLife Alarm 5 years ago for an elderly family member who lives alone. We have NEVER had a problem with it. It gives them the peace of mind that help is only a one push button away. On 2 “fall” occasions when it had to be used we were able to fully communicate with them whilst we were on the way. I have recommended it to many friends and will continue to do so. It is simple, uncomplicated and does what it is intended to do.

Lambros DM, Google Review. 11th March 2021

I would like to commend the work and manner of Nathan who assisted me with resolving an issue we had with the unit. He was knowledgeable and committed to providing exceptional service and Live Life Alarms need to commend him. He resolved the concerns with efficiency and would I recommend Live Life Alarms due to customer service we received. Well done to a great team member

Gaby Cilia, Google Review. 25 August 2021. Kellyville NSW.

Customer had a heart attack and pressed the SOS button. The neighbour came running and got to her in time. Customer said the device saved her life and thanked us.

Robin Gallen, Thank you call. 29th October 2021.

I want to give a big shout out and thumbs up to Live Life Alarms. Our mum had a fall this morning and fortunately was able to activate her pendant. Within minutes we had a coordinated response to get her help. This alarm system is truly a life saver and I’d recommend it to anyone living alone or at risk of falls/medical episodes. 👏👏👏👏

Jen Malcolm, Facebook. 24th March 2022.

Grandson Troy would like me to pass on to the owner, that the Live Life alarm is amazing and has saved his grand dads life on multiple occasions.

Troy Koikas, Thank you call. 5th November 2021

“Me Mate Charlie” We purchased the Live Life Alarm for my father in law when his wife passed and he wanted to maintain his independence. Dad had terminal pancreatic cancer which was diagnosed the day Mum passed away. It was originally purchased so we had peace of mind that Dad could contact us if he needed us or we could be contacted automatically if he fell. And he had started having a few falls. Dad never went anywhere without what he referred to as ‘me mate Charlie’. He even sat him within arms reach on his bedside so he could press the alarm if he needed us. I eventually moved in as Dad’s condition worsened and Charlie & I were both with him when he passed. Charlie made life that little more comforting in Dad’s last few months for both him and us. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to maintain their independence or peace of mind for family members that your loved one isn’t alone.

Heather , ProductReview.com.au. January 2021. Hunter Region

Hi, I purchased one of your alarms … for an elderly friend of mine.  I just want to let you know that your alarm saved her life several times over the past almost 12 months.  I cannot express how brilliant this service was for her.  It was not expensive to maintain, simple to use and something we were all grateful that she had it.  She lived on her own and we were 3 minutes drive away. Unfortunately my friend passed away last week, but she hit the button and we were with her when the ambulance arrived. Again, Thankyou. Leonie Mcgregor

Leonie Mcgregor, Email 7th Feb 2022.

Just a quick message to say thank you. I bought one of your mobile alarms, mid last year for my Mum. It has given both my Mum and all of the family so much more confidence that we will know that she is ok, and if she’s not that we will know about it and where she is.
A few weeks ago the alarm was put to the test when she experienced a bad fall and blacked out. We were notified by both a call and sms from her alarm, and she had family there to help her within 20 mins. It saved her! She went to hospital in an ambulance to be checked and as doing well know. Thank you again for providing both the device and the service – it is both incredible and important! Kindest regards, Trudy McCaul

Trudy McCaul, Email 4th May 2022

We organised for my mum to have a personal alarm after a few health concerns. As someone who is still very active in the community it was important for us to ensure she had an alarm she could use anywhere. The Live Life Alarm has provided our family with great peace of mind.

David, ProductReview.com.au December 2020

Living in a retirement village and their alarm system only works in the house, so my daughter ordered one , I wear it every where. I think all people should wear one special if they go bushwalking or suffer from dementia.

Maria Van Eijk, Facebook. 8th July 2019. Perth, WA.

Living on my own, decided to buy one of these, had a fall and the next thing I know my daughter in Port Macquarie is talking to me and organised for an ambulance to come this Live Life alarm is worth its weight in gold.

Noel McBeath, Facebook. 26th October 2021.

Hello. I unfortunately have to inform you that my mother, Jill, passed away in February from complications due to a fall. Your alarm alerted ambulance and me and was integral in getting her rapid care. Had she not been wearing it she undoubtedly would have died a slow, lonely death on her lounge floor. She was 94 and had a fantastic life. Thank you for the service. Bernard

Bernard, Email. 21st October 2021

I bought a Life Life Alarm for my elderly mother a few years ago and have nothing but praise for the device itself and the efficient and friendly team at LiveLife Alarm. The security and peace of mind provided by the alarm means that my mother can maintain her independence and my siblings and I have a reliable means of contacting her when necessary. The device works perfectly and has been activated many times but an additional feature that I have used on occasion is the “mobile phone” when my mother’s landline has been down. I am getting one for myself in the near future as well as for other seniors in my family.

Lily, ProductReview.com.au 14th March 2022

What a relief to be able to help find my parent when something is wrong. To be able to let them know that the battery is low and needs charging is a wonderful extra. I needed to locate my parent today as they were in the wrong place and all I had to do was ring the alarm and speak to them. They did not even have to touch the alarm to speak with me. Such a Godsend. Customer service is exemplary and beyond question. I am so grateful to be able to have this available – I am able to relax and not worry that something has happened and I am unable to get to my parent or they are unable to let me know.

Joe Haslauer, ProductReview.com.au 5th March 2021
The device gives me confidence to be independent.My daughter suggested buying the alarm and what a great suggestion that was. I have had a mini stroke and the alarm gives me the confidence to know that wherever I am, I can contact my family for help. I live on a rural property and quite often at home by myself, so it is good to know that I can be located with the GPS at any time. A great feature is if I am unable to press the buttons when I collapse, an alert text will be sent out and I have more chance of surviving if I receive emergency assistance as soon as possible.
Jaqueline, Hunter Region, ProductReview.com.au February 2021

Fantastic product. As an Occupational Therapist I recommend personal alarms on a weekly basis. It is great to have a company who is very responsive and completes all the pre programming. The flexibility of the neck or wrist pendant caters for different clients. The key feature that I love is that the alarm only requires an annual SIM top up, many others run out of allowance and unless topped up the alarm becomes useless. This is my go to company now!

Country Vic OT, ProductReview.com.au January 2021

My brother and I have been very happy with both the quality of the product and incredibly helpful customer service of LiveLife Alarms. Our mother used the alarm with ease and now our father is. Peace of mind for them and for us. Many thanks!

Fiona Temple, Google Review. June 2021

Repeat Purchaser. Having purchased more than 10 alarms for our clients, they regularly report that they are more than happy with them. A couple of clients have had to change contacts and have found this a simple and easy procedure. Our best outcome from having the alarms was with a client suffering dementia living alone. On several occasions he was not home when DNS called for their daily visit. The Nurses were able to text the alarm and locate him, and return him home safely. I regularly recommend LiveLife Alarms to anyone I come across who is considering the need for an alarm.

Jeff , ProductReview.com.au January 2021

Gives my 90 year old husband and myself much reassurance. At all times I am now just a phone call away from my husband which gives us both a feeling of safety. If I miss his call for any reason there is the added security that his call will go to 3 other nominated people and If we all miss the call it will go through to the ambulance.

Lainie. Central Highlands and Goldfields VIC, ProductReview.com.au 28th May 2021

My elderly Mother has this White/Alarm, she lives in a Retirement Village. She wears around her neck on the supplied Cord during the day & wears the watch cover (supplied) at night. She wears it shopping, in the shower & visiting other ladies in the village. The only time she doesn’t wear it, is when it is on quick charge.
Mum’s happy & so is the Family.

Born to shop. Sydney NSW, ProductReview.com.au 21st March 2022

I highly recommend this Alarm for older or frail people who live alone & want to be independent. If you are at home or out shopping & you feel sick or fall over – you just have to press the SOS button & relatives of friends will be alerted. The Alarm has GPS, which means people will know your Location. If you fall over the Alarm will ‘automatically activate’ & txt message to the people you have nominated. The Alarm has a built in Speaker, you can ring your nominated people & they can ring you. The Alarm is connected to the Telstra Network. Brilliant little Gadget ….There are a lot of Alarms on the Market. I did my Research & chose this one! If not sure about the Alarm ring the Company – they explained everything to me – before I got the Alarm. They are an Australian Company & you get to speak to people in Australia.

Pamela. Sydney NSW, ProductReview.com.au 7th March 2022

Hi, Recently I got my mum one of your personal alarms. Your product is amazing!!! My poor mum suffers from dementia and wanders off. The other day I was able to locate her and talk to her using her device. As far as we are concerned as a family it has paid itself off for us already in just that one experience! I was so impressed with its functionality and ease of use that I convinced my cousin to get 2 for his frail aged 85 and 90 year old parents, my aunt and uncle that still live at home independently…Honestly, I am so impressed with your product that I’m taking mum’s alarm into work tonight to show a colleague whose mum also suffers from dementia how easy is is to use. I’m almost certain he will want to get her one once he sees what a useful tool it can be for those of us caring for elderly parents at home. Regards, Dimitri

Dimitri Konstantopoulos , Email. 25th September 2020.

On behalf of my mother Martina Majcen, I would like to thank you for your professional & prompt service. We are delighted with mum’s Live Life Alarm. She is feeling a new sense of confidence & safety since wearing her alarm. We would happily recommend your product & service to anyone who needs a personal safety alarm.
Many thanks, Ingrid Gray (daughter).

Ingrid Gray, Email. 16th September 2020.

Dear Support Team, I have just received my new personal alarm from LiveLife and I am delighted with your service. From beginning to now the service has been seamless. Some of the points to note were: 1. Accuracy in that all details were correctly recorded and programmed into the alarm before delivery. 2. Informed service – everything was explained well and options checked. 3. Well tracked – I was well informed of where you were at, step by step, up to delivery. 4. Well featured – As many emergency situations as possible have been catered for in the design. It is truly impressive what is achieved. Thankyou, Warwick

Warwick Pridham, Email. 27th July 2020. Brighton, Queensland.

I would also like you to know your alarm saved my mother’s life! In December, on a 37 degree day, my mother who has dementia left the house wanting to visit a friend. She walked down a country road, fell down an embankment and was laying hidden under a pine tree. Fortunately she was wearing her LiveLife alarm. We were able to pinpoint her position and locate her. I was also able to talk to her. Because she was in such dense scrub my father was unable to locate her so it was my voice speaking to my mother that helped him. Mum was ok, a little battered and bruised. Mum was 4.5 kms from home in a remote area. If wasn’t for the alarm the outcome would have been a lot different. Kind regards, Roger Schulz

Roger Schulz, Email. 23rd June 2020.

As a family, we purchased the Live Life alarm for our elderly mother early in 2019.  The product was highly recommended by another user who I was closely acquainted with.  We worked through the initial resistance that is normal from a fiercely independent 94 year old, but with gentle perseverance, she wore the alarm constantly, learnt to charge it regularly and it became her ‘best friend’.  In the end, when Mum had a stroke and fell off her chair, it became our most valuable piece of equipment, as a member on the ‘emergency list’ was there in 3 minutes and we were able to get her to hospital.  She passed away 3 days later, however the alarm allowed us to get to her quickly and be with her constantly for the next 3 days.  I highly recommend this product as an aid for both the elderly and one which alleviates family concern.

Jo Pearce, Email. 17th June 2020. Kronkup, WA.

Good afternoon, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to your company for getting her alarm delivered so quickly.  My brother and I were amazed that some one cared enough to actually help us. Kind regards, Sandee Cross.

Sandee Cross, Email. 27 July 2020.

Has won the choice awards 3 years running 2017 to 2019. Recommended by nurses and drs alike. Go to livelife website, plenty of info.

Darren Crebert, Facebook. 8th December 2019.

Knowing your loved one feels safe & can be contacted at any time is reassuring…. fall alert warning is great & the fact it will call the nominated contacts is peace of mind. My mum loves hers.

Joanne Orr, Facebook. 5th January 2020.

I have one & it is very reassuring to know that it is there!

Kay Grieve, Facebook. 13th April 2019. Cooma, NSW.

One of these alarms saved my Mum a few weeks ago. She passed out and when she came to couldn’t get up. Thank goodness for it 💜💜💜 Trudy McCaul

Trudy McCaul, Facebook. 11th April 2022.

I have one it’s fantastic every woman should have one.

Georgette Awad, Facebook. 17th June 2019. Sydney, NSW.

A great product. Provides another level of security and peace of mind.

Bob Jackson, Facebook. 4th November 2018. Goulburn, NSW.

Purchased this wonderfully reassuring alarm after suffering 2 terrifying incidents. Arrived promptly, easy to set up – most of work done by firm before delivery. Feel very confident now. Love.

Jane Hauser, Facebook. 10th August 2019. Brisbane, QLD.

I have one too & can only speak highly of their customer support. very impressed.

Dorothy Jones, Facebook. 18th July 2019.

I spoke to someone on Thursday and arranged phone numbers etc. Received my husbands alarm on Friday. Now how’s that for service.

Judy Ahern, Facebook. 14th July 2019. Orbost, VIC.

Brett just called, saying thank you, his father Graham Woodward Order # 55815 had an episode today, he pressed the alarm and a major seizure was avoided, he is now resting comfortably in Cessnock hospital, a great outcome.

Brett Woodward, Thankyou call. 15th June 2020.

Had mine for 3 weeks now. Very happy. Have unreservedly recommended it to quite a number of acquaintances.

E. Helmore, Facebook. 12th August 2019. Bundaberg, QLD.

These are great alarms.

Colleen Garland, Facebook. 20th July 2019.

Brilliant product. Has a fall detector, gps tracking and is waterproof.

Lyn Gow, Facebook. 15th December 2018.

I’ve had mine for over 12 months very happy with it knowing I’m covered even Interstate and overseas!

Miralda Crewes, Facebook. 19th April 2019. Melbourne, VIC.

Wonderful gadget. I can call Mum and she doesn’t have to rush to answer the phone. All hands-free, auto answer, anytime. If she is in emergency, I can talk to Dr, nurses etc and know what is going on. Peace of mind. Definitely.

Vicki Diete, Facebook. 16th June 2019. Gatton, QLD.

My mother-in-law has one of these totally worth it and gives us piece of mind and very affordable – I would highly recommend.

Cheryl Worsick, Facebook. 16th May 2019. Beaudesert, QLD.

I got one for my dad year and half ago amazing and now sister just got one worth every dollar best value on the market Lynne Broom

Lynne Broom, Facebook. 22 May 2020.

Our mother has one of these alarms can highly recommend.

Sandy Jeffrey, Facebook. 12th June 2019. Inverell, NSW.

Have one, best investment ever after bad fall at 63. Gave me the confidence to get going again.

Sally-Anne Holden, Facebook. 11th December 2018.

Just bought one and feel a lot safer. Great for people who live on their own.

Denise Rochell, Facebook. 4th July 2018.

I bought mine after I fell and broke my Femur and wrist. I was on my own and on the floor for 4 hours until help came. I wouldn’t be without my SOS as my live does depend on it.

Cherie DeVries, Facebook. 15th February 2019. Wollongong, NSW.

Georgina Kaps – “My mother’s Live Life Alarm has literally saved her life on 3 separate occasions. Best investment EVER!!!”
Jen Malcolm – “How did it save her life?”
Georgina Kaps – “She activated her alarm and help was on hand within minutes. 2 x falls, 1 x respiratory distress. Each time, she was unable to get to her phone.”

Georgina Kaps, Facebook Conversation. 14th June 2022.

Good afternoon. I would just like to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided.  he alarm for my brother arrived within 3 days of ordering and as you said was very easy to set up. The relief we now have had in regards to my brother and this alarm is all thanks to your excellent service. Regards Diana Farrugia.

Diana Farrugia, Email. 15 May 2020.

Purchased one of these from you just over a week ago, after having a very close death experience just 2 days before. I researched others similar to this one, however, not only did I like what this one covered for my personal protection as well as, where ever I go in Australia ( go check out all the details for yourself )……. it has been highly recommended by “Choice Magazine” who I know does intensive studies on a lot of products on the market. My family and friends as well as myself, now have peace of mind when ever I am on my own no matter where I go. Super fast delivery, great service and lovely friendly staff. Thank you “LiveLife”

Merran Hollowell, Facebook. 18th August 2018. Naracoorte, SA.

I have one & it is worth every cent I paid. Gives me great confidence when out & about. Family can contact you to check up on you. If you do need help you only need to press button & five family members get a message. You can also add 000. It can be tracked to find out where you are if you should have a fall & require help. It is far better than the ones that only work around your home.

Paul Le Gay Brereton, Facebook. 24th April 2018. Townsville, QLD.

I have had mine for over a year now and feel so secure doing household jobs that i know i shouldnt like climbing ladders alone, travelling country roads and knowing at night there is instant help. It is instant too because i accidently pressed it and had to apologise to 000 and grand daughter! Worth every penny.

Jaki Rogers, Facebook. 12th November 2018.

I am extremely happy with the alarm I bought my husband. Gives him security and he knows he can contact me any time he wants and I can contact him through the alarm to check he is ok. A good investment.

Lainie Aiello, Facebook. 16th September 2018. Swan Hill, VIC.

Had a bad fall on September 4th, ambulance person suggested alarm system. Ordered my alarm the next day 5th and received it on the Friday. No longer worried about falling or in the shower, now have piece of mind. Thank you live life alarms.

Margaret Hogan, Facebook. 22nd September 2018. Newcastle, NSW.

Our not-for-profit organisation assists many elderly clients with Live Life personal alarms and have found their pre-eminent customer service continues long after the purchase of an alarm. The automatic fall detection and gps capability provides peace of mind to our clients and their families, as well as knowing they can be called on the pendant or vice versa use the pendant to call out to selected contacts.

Michelle, Product Review. 12 November 2020.

Incredible feature you may not be aware of. I cared for my Mum for the last 2 years…last March, when I was in hospital, my family and her dr organised a LiveLife mobile pendant for her and the latest (and greatest lol) Telstra portable landline phone specifically designed for hearing aid users. Mum’s hearing had been bad for years, even with the strongest hearing aid available to her. The new phone was even weaker than the one it replaced. Absolutely useless for her. The only time she could ever have a conversation was on my iPhone on loudest volume and speaker. No other make of mobile worked for her. It wasn’t great, but at least she was able to have a conversation – as long as the caller was prepared to repeat themselves many many times! Then one day she accidentally called me on my mobile from her LiveLife alarm. We had a normal conversation – one that the majority of us take for granted. I thought about this until I got back home. I called her and she could respond, even with dementia affecting her thinking, and talk, SHE HAD NO TROUBLE HEARING ME!!!!!!! Unless you are in there situation we were you may not appreciate the relief this meant – to both of us. Mum could hear quite clearly on a device  for the first time in years!!!
Now, as a carer I wish I had been aware of this earlier. It would have given me total peace of mind – if I got caught up I could just call and let her know. That in itself was a weight lifted. So many times I would get home and she would be in tears or just about to cry, wondering where I was. Even with me telling her repeatedly and leaving a note stuck where she could easily see it, she would forget and think I should have been home hours ago. Now she simply called me.
Now, as a salesperson, I was always looking to point out any favourable benefits to my potential customers.
I am sure there must be many people who have the same difficulties we had and would be pleased to purchase your product.

Christine Fyvie , By email. 17th January 2019.

I bought mine to give my family peace of mind, but I find it has given me a lot more confidence too. I chose this brand over others because of the features and the overall cost works out less than others with similar function. It is also the brand recommended by choice and I trust their testing and results.

Lesley Blatchford Brennan, Facebook. 17th November 2018.

I would like to thank you for my Live Life SOS alarm that you sent me. While I have only had it a few days, yesterday I fell into the bathtub and could not move. Then I remembered my SOS alarm and pushed the button and the ambulance arrived and got me out of the bath. I had no idea how to get out of the bath until I remembered my SOS alarm button. Thank you very much for saving me. Regards, Kerrie Ellis

Kerrie Ellis, Rosewood, QLD.

What a miracle! It’s only been a few days but the Live Life alarm pendant has given Barry his confidence back. I went to his place to let him know that his pendant battery was getting low and he wasn’t there! I used the GPS mode and easily tracked him down. Barry went down to his lawn bowls club to have a practice game. He never does that. In his words, “what a little ripper!” Thanks so very much.  With kind regards Candy.

Candy Fisher, By email. 10th July 2019.

This product is absolutely amazing my grandfather loved it while he was here he had a life out of home.

Tianna Whalen, By email. 23rd March 2018.

Absolutely love it!! So many great features, it gives mum and I peace of mind if something was to happen.

Julie Walters, Facebook. 24th September 2019.

Best alarm ever brings the elderly into the age of convenient technology with ease.

Deb Healey, Facebook. 7th January 2020. Ipswich, QLD.

Thankyou so much Amy (LWB staff member) and Tash for all your help with this. Furthermore the professionalism, superb customer service provided by each of you has been absolutely amazing! Just got off the phone with mum. She is very appreciative and humbled by this wonderful outcome.
Blessings to you both. Josie Cannon 🙂

Josie Cannon, By email. 20th May 2020.

Hi there Pete, just a quick courtesy note. Received unit yesterday afternoon at 14:15. Had a good read of supplied literature. Today we delivered, set unit up for 101 year old mother-in-law. Went over what unit was capable of doing with her, had lunch, came home then had much loved, centenarian give us a test run. Pleased to report “ We are all relieved that help is just a push of button away”. All OK.
Regards Doug

Doug Richards, Auburn, NSW.

LiveLife Alarms have provided personal alarms for many of our clients at the organisation I work for. Their professionalism and prompt service is very refreshing and appreciated.

Stella Coppola, Google Review. February 2021

Excellent alarm for those (like Me) who have disabilities. I’ve had mine for some time & gives me confidence when i am out alone.

John Ridley, Facebook. 19th November 2019. Perth, WA.

Got mine very happy with it, gives me peace of mind, as I have medical issues. Must say they are very helpful with any questions you may have in the working of it, but it does come with good instructions. Thanx Live Life.

Paula Jordan, Facebook. 21st June 2019.

hi . I recently purchased one for my hubby. I can also help with query if you like. It has given me and my hubby peace of mind knowing help is just a call away.

Dot Murphy, Facebook. 7th February 2019. Deniliquin, NSW.

Arrived in the mail this morning and wore it for the first time an hour ago when I went walking. Certainly gives you peace of mind knowing that help is on the way if there is a mishap.

Jill Peters, Facebook. 16th October 2019.

Thanks Pete – all working well so far – one question “they are all mobile numbers is that o.k.?” Delivery was amazing – 3 days thanks so much for your help – I have a feeling you’ll get more orders from Esperance. Regards Jess

Jess Braid, Esperance, WA.

Letting you know that my neighbour had the connection that we needed, and I have the system up and running on Friday night.

Thank you so much for your help. Mum actually put the necklace on Friday night, and has had it on the whole time over the weekend when at home – I am very impressed. We even gave it a trial run. All the best, Sharon.

Sharon Leddick, Camberwell, VIC.

“Yes we tested the medical alarm and it is working fine. We are greatly impressed.”

Catherine Wade, Mooroolbark, VIC.

“Thank you for your prompt service and Mum and I are very happy with the alarm and pendants, it is exactly what we needed”

Dorothy Hey, Helensburgh, NSW.

“Not long ago my parent felt sick and used the help button on the pendant. A family member was able to attend to them at their house. Fortunately they were ok in the end. The alert worked when we really needed it.”

Steve Camatta, Athlestone, SA.

“I bought the alarm for my mother-in-law as a gift. When we gave it to her, she loved it so much she took myself and my wife out to lunch to say thank you.”

Ron Hayden, Kilsysth, VIC.

“Guys just wanted to say we received the mobile alarm yesterday and it works exactly like advertised. We should have told the neighbours we were going to test it because they all came running but at least we know it works!”

Sharon Steel, Adamstown, NSW.

I am on my second year for my mother. We love it. The help the staff offer is fantastic. They don’t sell you a product and walk away. Constant support.

Katherine Fava, Facebook. 10th July 2019. Melbourne, VIC.

“Mum has really taken to the alarm Pete. She has a habit of not answering the home phone so just being able to call her on the pendant has been great. She does seem to be more confident going out now too. It’s amazing what they think of, we’re really impressed. Thanks for everything.”

Amanda Buran, Lane Cove, NSW.

Mum got hers today! She had an old one connected to her landline! This will give her more mobility! And me peace of mind!

Pat Flood, Facebook. 30th October 2019. Clare, SA.

My husband has had one for about 3 months now. We have had two false alarms when he accidentally lent on it. but that’s ok, he hasn’t fallen since he’s had it. so we know it works. I have just recommended the alarm to my neighbour.

Judy Ahern, Facebook. 5th October 2019. Orbost, VIC.

LiveLive Alarms. You are an amazing company and you should be so proud of your alarms and your staff. I have to say you are the best company I have ever purchased a product from. Your customer service is outstanding and so are your personal alarms. The best thing I have ever bought my mum is this alarm from you. It has not only helped her maintain her independence but given her a feeling of security and confidence. It has also given me peace of mind knowing that her alarm will contact me if she needs help. This alarm has been our greatest blessing. Thank you so much

Cath Body, Facebook. 23rd November 2019. Sydney, NSW.

I got my dad one of these last year & its fantastic recently had an issue & fixed straight away. Im a press of a button away as too my kids as 2nd & 3rd contacts. Its given him so much independence & makes him feel so much better knowing we can be contacted. We even use it to make a normal phonecall to him – awesome device

Deana Thompson, Facebook. 19th November 2018. Blacktown, NSW.

Received my alarm 3 weeks ago and I can’t say just how much pressure it’s taken off. I don’t have falls, but I do have a serious heart, lung, and blood problem and I spent too much time worrying about what could happen if lightheadedness due to those issues put me on the ground with no help. I just love knowing that help is hanging on my chest at the press of a button if I need it. I’m already not worrying so much. The help from staff I have received is very much appreciated too! I got mine through the Aged Care package as well.

Marcia Kearney, Facebook. 9th October, 2019.

My Dad 90 had a previous alarm which at the time was the best on the market. However it died. After lots of research I bought the live life alarm for Dad. I must say the customer service is fantastic from sales to after sales. The alarm itself Dad loves it is simple to use for him and he knows he is covered wherever he is. That is also important to the family. I highly recommend this alarm to everyone.


Roger, ProductReview.com.au January 2021. Greater Melbourne Area

Mine is brand new which my beautiful 3 sons bought for me, as I live alone I now feel more secure.

Jan Brown, Facebook. 24th August 2019.

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