Live Life Alarms Grand Opening of New Sales Office by Greg Piper MP

Live Life Alarms is a rapidly growing e-commerce business with offices in Australia, USA and Canada.  From humble beginnings (a spare room in Morriset) in 2015, Live Life Alarms now employ 32 staff and are the largest provider of mobile personal alarms in Australia.

Last Monday, 16th November 2020, Live Life Alarms was proud to welcome Mr. Greg Piper, State Member for Lake Macquarie to the opening of their new Sales and Fulfillment office in Toronto. The event also marked the official launch of their new flagship product – the 4GX Live Life Alarm.

The Live Life Alarms mission is simple. To help others Live the Life they Deserve by providing them with the peace of mind that they will be able to get help in an emergency situation. The Live Life Mobile Alarm works on the Telstra network with in-built GPS tracking so customers can maintain their independence and feel safe both in and outside of their home. The device allows the wearer to contact up to six family members (including 000) in the event of a fall or emergency situation.

Live Life Alarms Director Phil Mathieson said “We have had unbelievable success with our 3G model. And we’ve spent the last two years designing and building our new 4GX alarm. We could not be happier with the result.”

On the rapidly changing technology landscape Mr Mathieson said “One of the biggest challenges has been to keep the device simple to use for our customers. But with inbuilt fall detection, Bluetooth, wifi and GPS location solutions, a smart talking voice guide, long battery life and connection to the best mobile network available, this new product is already proving to be a winner.”

Whilst the alarm comes programmed, is simple to use and works straight out of the box, Hunter and Lake Macquarie residents have the advantage of being able to visit the Toronto office for a demonstration. Sales Manager Bianca Karl said “Some of our customers are initially a bit nervous about needing an alarm. But as soon as they see how small, lightweight and easy it is to use, they realise that it is going to give them a great deal of independence and peace of mind.”

Live Life Alarms is proud member of the local community and welcomes Hunter and Lake Macquarie residents to come and visit them in their new office at 4/7 Pemell St Toronto (above Toronto Woolworths and next to the library). Please call 1800 936 774 to make an appointment.

June 2022 update: Live Life Alarms now employs 49 full time staff.

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