Safety for Isolated Seniors. How the LiveLife Alarm Can Help During Social Distancing

As we now know people aged over 70 and especially 80 are in the highest risk categories if they come into contact with COVID-19. Having other underlining medical conditions increases that risk. That’s why public health authorities consider it’s imperative that seniors are practising social distancing and staying at home during the pandemic. One of the major challenges with this policy is that seniors can become extremely isolated during this time.

Isolation can mean disconnection from loved ones and the community. It can also mean increased risks of not getting medical help when needed. A personal alarm means family and carers can monitor loved ones from a distance and ensure they are safe if they develop a fever, or even suffer a fall. It can fill the gap between the usual social contact an elderly person has with those carers but may not be getting during this time using a call-in feature to the alarm. It provides that peace of mind to families that if their parent happens to have shortness of breath for example, they would be only a press of a button away from help.

LiveLife Alarms offers a personal mobile alarm device that is ideal for seniors who are self isolating. It works anywhere in Australia where there is available mobile network coverage and can be worn whilst going to the supermarket or walking the dog. This incredible alarm does not require someone to enter the home of a senior for it be set up. Our customer service team does the complete setup so it is ready to use straight out of the box. It comes with three different options for how it can be worn; around the neck, on the wrist or on a belt clip.

LiveLife alarms believes our mobile alarm positively impacts the lives of tens of thousands of Australians during these uncertain times and provides for a safe isolation period whilst reducing the worry on families.

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